Thursday, March 1, 2012


So on Pinterest, I came across an amazing little saying:
I immediately thought to myself, What am I giving to people? What am I doing for people? Sadly, I thought, nothing. Boo. I usually stay at home, take care of Pax and hang out with the husband whenever he is home. Im such a homebody. So then I got to thinking... well, if I won't get out of my house, then Ill bring people to my house! (Ya, i know what your thinking... lazy bum... i get it) BUT this is just a trial run... haha.
Well, I've been inviting many friends over for dinner, for games nights, for movie nights. Ive held numerous craft days at my house with a few moms. Ive turned my house into a hotel and have let numerous people (friends) stay here and my BIL is now living with us. Ive sent out emails/ text messages to a few people letting them know that they are on my mind. Ive made crafts for people. Ive babysat kids. I've made lunch for friends and family members. Ive made sure to sign up for everything when the Relief Society binder goes around (EXCEPT choir, NO way!) And most importantly, Ive made more of an effort to serve my little family, Marc and Paxton. I make sure that everyday when Marc gets home that the house is cleaned, clothes are washed and hung up, and that dinner is ready. This gives both of us more time to spend with each other and with Pax since Marc is gone like ALL day, every day! For Paxton, Ive been making sure that he is happy. I play with him more, read with him even more, and let him help me more with chores. He loves helping me push the clothes into the dryer and closing it. He loves putting trash in the trashcan. He loves to help me cook and clean and even says, "cleanup cleanup". Ya know, from that song "cleanup, cleanup, everybody, everywhere" (repeat 297453480 times)
So because I made an effort to serve people this month, I truly feel like a more happier person. Ive already seen the blessings that came from it. The one that sticks out to me more is that I am happier and my family is happier. I know that I am not an ubber saint. And I know that there is SO much more service to be done but I felt that this was a good start and just what I needed to get me excited about serving more. President Kimball was right, "in the end we learn it was no sacrifice at all."

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