Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paxton Is 20 Months!

 My baby, Ok, my toddler, well he just turned 20 MONTHS old. That means in 4 months, he will be TWO!! Goodness, where did the time go? He is so funny nowadays and seriously such a joy to be around!
He will come and sit on us and say "hey baby"
He says his name, Paston. We're working on the "x"
He still has 12 teeth. Just waiting on his 4, 1st molar teeth and his 4 canines
He will repeat any word you ask him to say
He loves his coloring book and crayons
He finally has the strength to open our kitchen cabinets
He is in 18-24 size jeans
He can still wear shirts from 12 months on
He is in a size 4 diaper because he pees so much. They are still too big for him though
He wears a size 6-6.5 in shoes
He is in desperate need of a hair cut but we don't know whether to have a shag look or if we should cut it and fohawk. Any suggestions??
He loves nursery and playing with others
Every morning when he wakes up, he will play in his crib. When he's tired of playing in it and wants out he will yell, "moooom. mom. mooooom. mom. Up pwease. moooom." COMICAL
He climbed out of his crib so we turned it around so now he can't get out of it. We did buy a toddler bed before we thought about turning it around so we have that on hand for when he decides to try getting out again
He loves to laugh
He knows his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet (finally, he used to call them piggies) belly button, bum, head, arms and legs
He will pinch his nose and talk. He discovered how funny he sounds and now will pinch our nose and make us talk
He loves Ring Around The Rosy and will fall every time
He plays Patty Cake and does the motions
He still sleeps really good. 9:30-10ish AM and naps 4 hours a day
He has a new nightlight that projects stars on the ceiling, thanks to Uncle Brian and has to have his "stars" on during nap time and for bed
He will only eat Velveeta Mac N'Cheese. I tried giving him regular mac n'cheese and he WOULD NOT eat it
He is a real good eater. Still drinks his almond milk and has greek yogurt every morning for breakfast along with eggs or french toast
He still gives good kisses and blows them to people EVERYWHERE we go
His new favorite thing is "knuckles" He will put his fist up and say "Nunkles" Its so cute!


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