Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Im super excited to announce that i am FINALLY going to watch the Star Wars movies

We had some friends over, the Hoyos family and the King family, for ice cream and games yesterday and somewhere during the night, it was mentioned that Jody had never watched Star Wars! I quickly chimed in that i have never seen them either! We all decided to start having a Star Wars night for FHE on Monday nights. Tonight we had our 1st movie night! It was SO much fun! We hosted it our house and had some treats and will rotate between us 3 couples! Im SO excited for the second one! We are watching them from the beginning. YAY for Star Wars!

And here are the Kiddos, running a muck!!
Ryan's face is hilarious!
  Lucy is 23 months. Pax is 20 months. Ryan is 17 months.
Luc, Pax and Ryan!

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