Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So Yes, this is a little late but i thought i'd blog about it anyways! Im officially a graduate! I finished my dental assisting school and passed!! It was so hard trying to focus and get enough sleep to pass this class being pregnant and in the first trimester. IT SUCKED. I only missed one day of class because i was up all night sick. Pretty good considering my rebellious days at high school, ditching all the time : / haha... Im thankful to have had an understanding teacher. Tara, you rocked! And a class full of supportive girls who talked to me about the pregnancy and helped me through the rough days of being sick at school. You all are awesome. Anyways. i graduated November 21. 2009!! Got a cute little pin, my certificate, and came out on top with some great friends. Not to mention, some education under my belt.

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