Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally Announced.

We are expecting our first little baby in 2010. We went to the doctors and they gave us a guestimation of June 15th until i go in for the ultrasound which is this week. Im so nervous for it. Even with all the nausea and bodily changes already, it still hasnt hit me that ill be a mom. A MOM. it blows my mind. We werent expecting to have one so soon, but thats when the saying, everything happens for a reason, comes in.

We found out October 7th but we're full of mixed emotions that we didnt want to tell anyone right away. So we waited about 2 weeks to tell our families. And about a month to tell everyone else. To tell the parents, we printed this off and i made a puzzle out if it. it was one of the HARDEST crafts ive ever made and took so long. The families loved it though... they better have right?!

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