Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Big Move

So last Tuesday, the 1st of December, we were able to move into our new place. Its a 2 story duplex and SO cute! We absolutely love it. Its about triple the space at our first condo and is only 30 dollars more a month!! Heck of a steal!! Oh and it has an extra bedroom for the baby! (perfect timing right) And its own laundry room!! Anywho, moving was SO much work. Being pregnant, your already tired, well this WORE ME OUT! And i couldn't even carry things out like all the boxes or anything. (Doctors orders) So my job was to pack everything and have it ready for them to move it. Even with that task, i still felt SO unproductive. I hate that feeling. But i am SOOOO thankful for all our wonderful friends who helped out. It meant so much to Marc and i. Here's pictures of the house the first week we were in here. Its A LOT different now. All decorated and cute :) haha. So ill be posting those whenever i get around to it.

We're on the left!
From the front door entrance.
Picture from our laundry room.

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