Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our First Ultrasound

Today we went and had our first ultrasound for the baby. I am officially ten weeks and the due date is June 15th, just as we suspected! When we first found out we were pregnant, and even up until today, it was surreal. Yes im sick and have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman, but still, it was surreal. When we saw the baby today, it hit us hard. THIS IS REAL. There is a baby in me. Its neat that technology allows us to see whats going on inside of our bodies. The ultrasound tech was so nice and went over everything with us. I love him and i love my doctor. Its people like them that are going to make this process go more smoothly. Anywho, during the ultrasound, the baby was bouncing so much! it was like whole body hiccups! SO cute. I learned that i have a different shaped uterus, nothing serious and that my uterus is the size of a very large orange. Today was a great day. Cant wait for my 21 week mark to find out what we're having.

Dear February 2nd.....Can you please come sooner. Sincerely, An anxious pregnant mother.

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