Monday, September 21, 2009

Heather's 21st Birthday!

Was a great hit... even though it was on a Sunday.

Woke up to notes left by Marc all over our house!!

There were many more but i dont need to post all of them!

Went to church. Took a nap. Had family over. Ate lunch. Visiting teachers and home teachers came over. Friends came over and surprised me later! Got a HUGE cupcake from the Sistrunks. And of course, opened some pretty WONDERFUL gifts.

CREED tickets!!!
Sudoku touch screen game.
Zebra rug.
Pearl necklace (matches the earrings and bracelet Marc gave me when we were dating!!)
4 pairs of cute earrings.
3 pairs of sunglasses
Diamond earrings, not studs, better, ill have to show a pic of them!
Tons of goodies from friends.

1 GIANT cupcake to top off the night.
Me knocking the Domino train down after playing mexican train game

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  1. so i'll let you guys have daniel and traci for a little while but I want them back. Dont be too much fun or they'll never come home. I'm glad you had a great birthday Heat!