Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Mexican Riviera Cruise Getaway

Well, Marc and I finally took our first vacation together without having Paxton. Sunday afternoon, on March 11th, i put Pax down for a nap before we left. I tucked him in and said that id see him soon. He said, ok lobe you moooom. See ya. AND IT BROKE MY HEART. Especially knowing that when he wakes up, i won't be there to see him or scoop him up out of the bed. I would have to wait 8 days to see him. KILLED me. Ive never spent a night away from him. so it was hard. Once i cried, we all loaded up in the car, Chelsey, Randy, Marc, Mom and myself and headed to Long Beach. We got on our cruise and let me tell you, i was SOOOO excited. It would be a long blog post to talk about all 8 days but let me just tell you the highlights!

-Bought the Spa Package and spent almost every day in it sometimes twice a day. SO WORTH IT.
-Sunday and Monday was Sea Days. Tuesday and Wednesday was Cabo San Lucas. Thursday was Puerto Vallarta. Friday, Saturday and Sunday was Sea Days.
-1st day in Cabo we snuck into the Finisterra Resort and layer by the ocean and pools. And shopped
-Deep Sea Fished in Cabo. Saw a merlin and chased him for an hour trying to get him to bite. No luck. Skyped Paxton!
-In Puerto Vallarta, we went to Canopy River and did the zip line adventure. Afterwards, we went downtown old PV to shop. Marc and i WALKED the beach, back to the cruise ship. It didn't look took far but it was. Took us 3 1/2 hours with a fast paced walk. We WILL NEVER FORGET! haha. The only thing that made it better was that we saw baby SEA TURTLES getting released! We walked by right  in time to see the last one go into the ocean. It was sweet. I have a video!

- We did the dine when you want time and we loved it. We also were able to celebrate the Boghs anniversary and our anniversary with being sung too and getting a yummy dessert!
- We learned how to make the animal towels and went to all the shows and comedy shows.
- We explored areas in the ship, you aren't supposed too haha
- I took Sammi's camera and it took AWFUL pictures :( darn it

Cabo San Lucas:

Puerto Vallarta:

On board:

All in all, it was a great trip. We had a blast and we're grateful for the opportunity we had to go! Cant wait to go again. Especially since I'm having HUGE cruise withdrawals. I miss it :(

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