Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Brother is HOME!

My brother Brenden served a full-time mission in the beautiful Sydney, Australia mission for our church! It was a long but fast two years... if that makes ANY sense!! He came home on our 3 year Anniversary!! So it was nice to not just dwell on Marc and I that day! We left for LAX at 4:30am. His flight was supposed to come in at 6:35am. Well, it was late. Way late. Not the plane but the whole customs checkin. On the bonus side, i did see ORLANDO BLOOM!! and man, or women, he is WAY cuter in person! I was totally tongue tied once he looked me straight in the eyes. It was a beautiful, tender moment we shared haha. Anywho, Pax pooped his pants, and right when he did, Brenden comes walking out... OF COURSE! So i had to hustle and change him and then run to my brother! It was such a fun reunion. And it was cool to see Pax with his Uncle for the 1st time. Brenden did tell me that the last time he saw me i was fat. So now I'm not as fat. A compliment already, i love him! After LAX, we rushed over to the Long Beach airport cause Sissy was there waiting for us. So to make her feel special and to forgive us for being over an hour late, i took one of the signs that i made for Brenden, and made one for Sissy. It was great. Afterwards, we went to Ihop and had breakfast. Then we went home to decorate. And once we were home, Brenden unpacked and showed us his presents and to read his letter from his mission president. Later that night, we all met with the Stake President so Brenden could get released. I cried more at the release then i did when he was set apart. It was SO hard to see my brother shake, and cry when he was asked to take his name tag off. So heartbreaking. But he did it, of course and then we headed to the Mexico for dinner with family and friends! It was SO awesome to be together. And I'm SO thankful to have him back home. Safe and sound! Love you Brenden!

Stay tuned for a video we are making with his homecoming pictures!

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