Thursday, April 5, 2012

Double Date With Pax & Lucy

Ever since we started having our Star Wars FHE with two of our couple friends from our ward, Pax was able to play with Lucy. That playtime ended once our Star Wars FHE ended. So when Jody asked if i could watch Lucy, i gladly obliged! Pax always talks about Lucy! He looks for her in sacrament at church and rushes to nursery to see her. He's obsessed! He even tried staying up from his nap because he knew she was coming over. I told him! And when she finally showed up, he was in heaven! After reading books together, we hopped on our bikes and put the kiddos in the buggy, where Pax proceeded to put the move on Lucy. He kept trying to hold her hand but she wouldn't have it for about 99% of the time. When she let him, he was ECSTATIC! haha Then we headed off for a bike ride. We rode down to Maceys to get ice cream cones. We ate them outside since it was so beautiful and then headed home. When she got picked up from her parents, he was sad. He loves that little girl!

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