Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Results Are In.... ITS A BOY!!!!

The Ultrasound Appointment:
Well. As you can all see from my blog title, we found out today that we're having a BOY!!!! We are so excited. We both were hoping for a boy, but of course wouldve been happy with a girl as well. Marc and i just like the whole, "big brother" idea and well, i dont think im ready for a girl! Not to mention, with all the cute bows and lace leggings out there, we'd totally go bankrupt!!! Anywho, BOY IT IS!!!! The weird thing was was that last night i had a dream that i found out we were gonna have a baby boy & my doctor named him Aiden. I was SO mad in my dream. Who does the doctor think she is naming my baby!!! haha. Well i told marc, my mom & cort this morning & sure enough ITS A BOY!!!! What was funny is with my sisters ultrasound, the tech did all the health checks first, like the measurements & all that & told her what she was having last by typing it onto the screen for my sister to see. My tech today, put the WARM gel on me today (SOOO NICE) & then put the little stick thing on me & told us RIGHT away that it was a boy! Took me a couple seconds to register!! Then i screamed & we were all shooting hooray. You can definately see his junk & he wasnt very modest about it either! He is so cute! We were able to get two, 3d pictures, we wouldve had more but he was wiggling like crazy! My mom & Cort came down from california to be there today for the ultrasound & i just want them to know how much i appreciate them!

The happy parents-to-be!!
Cort & Marc waiting!
Me letting the news that its a boy sink in. I was SO excited
The baby in 3d

Publishing The News:
We had an idea on how to tell everyone what we were having. i didnt just want to call, or text or post it in my status that it was a boy. I wanted to make it fun. My idea worked out! The heart wouldve been pink if it was a girl & of course blue for a boy. And just to clear the air, we didnt let ANYONE know via text message or phone call. Everyone had to wait. So dont be all boo boo about it :)

The Firsts:
As most of you know, my moms side has no boys. She's had all 3 girls, my grandma had my mom & well, Marc & i are having the first grandson & great grandson, cousin, nephew, etc. (on my side) Later today, we went shopping at Nordstroms!! Got our little boy his very first teddy bear!! And it is SO stinkin cute! My mom also got him his very first outfits! He's gonna be so stylish & cute! I cant wait! My mom also made him his first bedroom decoration! Here's some pictures below. Thank you mom for EVERYTHING!

His first teddy and first room decoration!
Thanks MOM!
My friend Erica viewing the picture where it shows, HES A BOY!!!! hahaha!