Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marc's New JOOOOB!!

To give you a little background, after found out we were pregnant, we realized that Marc either had to get another job or he had to find a better job then Yozone. So Marc applied back in November at the airport & the spot was filled, without him :( We were both bummed. We just wanted our big break to come. But i guess what weve learned from this is how essential the timing is. Marcs other job is a joke so now he has the oppurtunity to leave it and let me just tell you how excited we are for this! Our prayers have definitely been answered!!

So earlier this week, Marc received a call from a lady at the Provo Airport asking if he would still be interested in working for them. OF COURSE, he said yes. She later told him that she'll run the background check & he'll start next week (meaning this upcoming Monday!!) Just like that, my hubby got the job hes been wanting.. for now(until he goes commercial). He'll be doing dispatch which is loading the engines, taking them in and out of the hangars, and all that good stuff. Its a lot more vigorous then his job now but we'd pick that hard work anyday if it meant moving to a company that appreciates what you do. Not to mention, he wont be out till way past midnight, AND it pays more! HOLLER!

So you fellow blog readers of mine, if any of you have been turned down from a job or have been wanting a big break, keep your head up. The Lord will bless you when the TIME is right!

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