Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Temple Attendance Vow

So today i went to the Provo temple with my two good friends, Julie and Whitney to do initiatories. It was my first time doing that since i went through the first time. It was SO neat. Ive missed the temple & the peace that i feel there. In fact, the last time we went was when my brother in law Spencer left for his mission. WHICH was in October. Marc and i used to go ALL the time. Like once a week almost. But then, being in the first trimester of pregnancy, i couldnt fathom the thought of going with how i was feeling. Well, now its on!! Today just made me realize how much i missed it. I make a vow to go AT LEAST once a week, every week :)

This picture is of the first time i went through the temple!!


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  2. Sorry, I accidentally posted under Devon's profile, so I deleted it. Anyway, I'm so glad we went. It was so nice and peaceful. You are my inspiration! :)