Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road Trip To Colorado!

Well after my mom and cort came to visit, we decided to road trip to colorado to see my sister, niece and granny. We had SO much fun. There is never a dull moment with us three blondes thats for sure. First night we got there, we went to BJ's!!! i LOVE their izookies. Especially their oreo one. OH BABY!!! my mouth is watering up just thinking about it. Then we stuffed all of us in my sisters toyota four runner and ventured out to southlands to go shopping. Then back home after that. The second day, us girls all got ready and ventured to my old work, JCP. (Granny still works there) so we went to shop and visit her. Later we just hung around the house and all played together. My niece is the cutest little girl in the world, thats right, i said it. I always get her to crack up. Makes me feel so special! Then the third day, being friday, i went to a farewell, my old boss at JCP was having. he got transferred to another Penneys. It was SO sad to see him leave :( but im glad i was able to make it. Then while granny was at work, us girls ventured down to the garden of the gods, Colorado Springs, ate at chipotle and headed back up to denver. Amanda and i went back to penneys because my dear friend barbara, who is like a second mom to me was gonna take me shopping for my baby boy! And lets just say we got SOOO much stuff for him for less then 50 bucks! I mean he has at least 5 outfits alone plus some other goodies. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH barby boo. Then we went back to the house and made fajitas for dinner. it was my first time ever cooking a REAL meal with my sister and i loved it. Then sadly, we woke up Saturday morning and road tripped back home :( Wish we couldve stayed longer.
Us girls at Chipotle
Wanye and I
"Beautifying" my already beautiful sister
Miley Paige :)
Tete, Amanda & Miley all goofing around!
Mom, her two daughters & grandbaby
This little girl has me wrapped around her finger!

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