Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Festivities Before Christmas Day!

Now that we're married, we each got to participate in family traditions. His family has 2 big family get-togethers. The Wilkinson party (his moms side) and the Harrison side (his dads family) I LOVED going to them. It was a blast and the food at both places was oh so good! We have one picture from the Harrison party that ill post. As for my side, every year we spend xmas eve at our friends, The Searles house. This year we went for about an hour and a half because we had to get back up to my in-laws for their xmas eve party. We sure love christmas parties! Now the tuesday before christmas eve, we got a HUGE group together and went to look at the Upland Lights. We had all of Marcs family besides Steph and her family. And from my side, we had my family and my friends, Chelsey, Randy and Cortney. The lights were awesome!

The whole gang in Upland
Me, The Grinch and Marc!!! Best thing of the night!!!! AND he talked like the grinch!
Okay, BEST DECORATION AWARD!!! i love this show! Well... did..
Marc and i in front of a PILOTS house!
Me, Sammi, The Grinch, Courtney, Elyse and Sydney.
Big family huh.. Well thats nothing, we were missing a couple more families!!!

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