Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dumont Dunes!

So for New Years, we went to Dumont Dunes with my family. I LOVE THE DUNES. End of story. Actually its the beginning, but you get the point haha. Anywho, it was Marcs first time going to the sand dunes... ever... We have our brand new trailer, the weather is warmer then in Utah, we're with family, & friends, we're out in the fresh Death Valley air... what could possibly bum me out.. Oh thats right, im pregnant and cant ride :( boooooo. It was still fun. Luckily our rhino's belt broke while my mom & dad were out cruising the dunes, so i was able to go with my dad in our TRUCK to go tow it back to camp! It was comical!! Definitely one of those moments where you just had to be there! Marc had a fantastic time and i did too. Missed riding thats for sure :( But loved our dance party with the new system in the trailer, and watching my parents grind. hahahaha. SO FUNNY! Did i mention how i love the fact that my dads a sheriff and can get out of anything. well i do. He lit off fireworks, got busted & punked the little BLM's out there. I just love him!!Cant wait for more dune trips!!
Marc & i pretending that i rode haha
Dance party. Sis, Brandon, Kim, Me & Marc. Parents are in the kitchen dancing!
The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together :) Just missing Amanda & Miley
Marc at the dunes.. YAY! Oh & he's sporting his new Dumont shirt
Typical burning of the christmas tree on New Years Eve
Me 16 weeks pregnant.
Marc & i on the quad posing for a picture.

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