Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Well, we woke up with a camera in my face, literally! haha. Youll see a picture below. Sammi LOVES christmas so it was neat having her excitement to wake up too. We started off by reading the scriptures and then we dug into the presents and stockings! Everyone got everything they wanted! It was perfect. Brag time: Mom and i got Coach purses and from Marc i got the Tiffanys lock set that ive been wanting FOREVER! As for my dad and Marc, i got them these SWEET sweaters that matched :) cute huh haha. And Marc got loaded with manly tools: drill, electric saw, mini vaccuum, etc. We are both thankful for ALL that we got. Later we had brunch at my grandma Stuarts house with my family. After that, we went up to Marcs parents and had our christmas there as well. Lets just say i LOVE christmas but most importantly i LOVE that we were able to be with both Families! Thanks to everyone for making it so special

Camera in the face!! NO THANKS!!
Marc and his awesome tie. I got one for Brenden too!
YAY! my tiffanys :)
My dads awesome sweater!
Marc and his manly tools!
Sam and her first digital camera!
Uncle Kevin, My dad, Uncle Lance, Marc, RJ, Brandon and little Mark.
My mom, me, granny Betty, Aunt Gladys, Aunt Tina, Triny & Sammi.

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