Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Week Home!

My friend Chelsey and her husband Randy drove up Wednesday night to stay for the weekend. That same day, my sister and Gege headed back to Colorado. Marc left Saturday morning to get to Arizona to start his job on Monday the 18th. It was so sad to see him leave especially because Maddox was only 6 days old. Boo :( 
Maddox laying in between mom and dad before dad left
Last morning with their dad before he left for Arizona :(
Such a small babe in a big carseat
His 1st time sun bathing... to help with jaundice.

On Tuesday, we had Maddox's follow up appointment. He weighed 6lbs 5 oz. Lost 3 oz :( BUT he was 20.5 inches long. Thats 2 inches longer in a week! She told me that i need to start supplementing but she let me have another week to try exclusively breast feeding! My mom took Maddox back during the circumcision. And apparently he didnt even cry!!! When they brought him back into me and took off his diaper to show me, thats when he finally let it all out. Poor guy cried so hard. So i hurried and diapered him back up and breast fed him. 

Happy 1 Week Little Guy!

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