Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

My sister Cassidy, graduated from BYU-I on Friday! She had a ticket for me but my parents had no room in the car for Pax and i so we stayed behind :( But here are some pics from the graduation! 

 On Saturday, they drove back to Provo to stay the night with us. So Marc, Pax and i met all of them at the new City Creek mall in Salt Lake. It was a gorgeous day and we were able to see the top things open!
We shopped and then we went to J-Dawgs... its my dads favorite
 Then Sunday we went to Sacrament at our ward and went to my Aunt Vickis house near Salt Lake. Heres some pictures from the afternoon!

 Group Shot
 Family Shot

 Cousins. Pax and Cooper

It was a fun day. My parents left later Sunday evening and then we headed over to our Aunt Dorene's house for round 2 of dinner! No pictures from then. Boo. We also didn't have any time to dye eggs or hunt the eggs. So we will do that one of these days when things slow down!

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