Sunday, March 20, 2011

TWO Year Anniversary!

March 20, 2009
March 12, 2011

First off, let me tell you how SURREAL it feels to celebrate our TWO year anniversary. The time has gone by SO fast. Im not sure it its because we have a baby in the picture or because Marc makes it SO easy to be married to him. In the same time, it feels like weve been married WAY longer then that because of how close we are & how much weve been through. I just LOVE married life and couldnt imagine it being with anyone else but Marc. I know, mushy gushy right?! Well what do you expect when the title is "TWO Year Anniversary"?!

Our first year of marriage we dealt with me being pregnant and the second year, weve dealt with having and raising a child. I wouldnt trade these two years for anything! Thanks for being my rock babe & for being such a great father to our son. We both love you so much and are so grateful to know thta because of the gospel, we'll be sealed together forever...and ever... and ever!!!

To celebrate, we decided not to do anything for each other but to find a babysitter and to go to dinner. Ya that didnt work. Marc got me these gorgeous roses. 2 white for it being our 2 year anniversary! I hope he'll keep that up. He also made me breakfast in bed. It was so cute. Since our anniversary was on a Sunday, Monday we had a total date day! We had lunch at Happy Sumo, then he took me shopping. I got silver glitter Toms & a VS outfit.. NOT lingerie haha. The pink outfits! Then we went and saw Harry Potter 7 Part 1. (i stayed up the night before till 330 am cause i HAD to finish the book. i LOVE HARRY POTTER now after reading the books!) Then we picked up Pax from our Aunt Dorene's house, got some redboxes & snuggled all night. SO fun! I love my hubs! So now im in debt to the hubs. Boo haha.

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