Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Pax and I road tripped back to Colorado with my sister & niece! Pax is such a good traveler as it is but throw in Miley & it was our source of entertainment for the 7 hour drive! Kids are SO stinkin funny!! It was nice to spend 9 days there and to visit everyone!

We went to Chuck-e-Cheese's for a friends birthday

Birthday boy Noah & Miley

We went on shopping excursions & one time found theses shades!

We did laundry
Played dressup. Uunderneath her dress is my bra haha
Wrecked the house...over & over & over again

Played with Gege
Got sushi wasted at my favorite sushi place in Colorado...HAPA!

Went on more shopping trips & found numerous fun carts to put them in!
And lastly, Pax was able to ride on his first airplane!
He hated saying goodbye but LOVED looking out the window

Colorado wore us out!

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