Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paxton is 9 Months Old

Today we went to Paxton's doctors for his 9 month checkup. Ive been dreading this appointment (and every appointment) because of shots. He does great with them but its me who doesnt. haha. Anyways, he doesnt have to get shots till his 1 year checkup! YAHOO! So today was easy peasy. He has minor eczema & his iron test & numbers were perfect. His doctor told us that Paxton needs a new car seat. The analogy he used was "its like a 6'5'' man fitting into a mini cooper" haha. Love that doc. So we are no on a hunt for a 3 in 1 carseat. I LOVE his pediatrician & the fact that his appointments last maybe 20 minutes. We are always in & out. Here are his stats.
He weighs 19 lbs 4 oz-40%
He is 29 3/4 in tall- 95%
His OFC is 43.8 cm- 20%

Paxton LOVES the bath still & sits up in it all by himself
He loves the mirror even more now
He picks things up with his thumb & pointer finger
He seems to more dominant in his left hand
He bangs objects together.. a lot
He loves dropping things to watch them fall.. over & over again
He loves finger foods: Arrowroot, yogurt melts, little chips, puffs, pizza crust, & edamame
His routine is still consistent!
He now says "mama" more frequently!
He pulls himself up a lot more & walks along furniture
He climbs the stairs
He crawls SUPER fast!
He laughs SO much more now
He wears size 4 shoes & 3-6 month shirt, pjs & pants he wears 9 months
He LOVES to flirt with women & when i man is talking to him he has a blank stare!!
His menu for the day consists of this: Morning bottle-6 oz
Fruit with oatmeal
Bottle- 8 oz
Yogurt blend
Bottle-6 oz
Vegetables (2 jars)
Bottle- 8 oz

Paxton is so much fun & is such a joy in our lives. I couldnt imagine life without him!

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