Friday, November 26, 2010

Paxton's 1st Visit With Santa at 6 Months Old

To celebrate Paxton's 6 month birthday, we went to University Mall & visited with Santa. Paxton just smiled away at him! It was so cute!

Happy Half Birthday Pax!!!

Now for the stats:
He weighs about 16 lbs 4oz
He is less then half of inch away to wearing a size 4 shoe! (He cannot fit in size 3's)
He is in 6-9 month clothing but almost out of them cause of his height
He laughs like crazy & now cracks up
He sleeps about 11 hours straight
He has had rice cereal, peas, squash & applesauce
He sits up with some minor support unless there is a toy infront of him
He rolls over BOTH ways now & favors back to belly now
He gets on his knees
He swims... by kicking & flinging his arms on the ground haha
He got the flu shot since he already got the flu at the beginning of the flu season
He's had 2 sicknesses since he's been born: Bronchitis/sinus infecton & the flu
He stands up all the time with help of course
He pulls up with your fingers
He plays with toys & now transfers them back & forth to both hands
He knows his name... or pretends he does
He's only had 2 blowouts, thank you Pampers
He got his first diaper rash in november, thank you buttpaste
He LOVES touching faces.
Hes starting to take good naps during the day
He loves his jumper & can be occupied in it for a good 45 minutes now
Hes done with the Bumbo chair because it constricts him to sit forward & he hates that
He still loves bath time & now insists that i need them too by splashing me
He is SO ticklish!

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