Friday, November 12, 2010

Paxton At The ER :(

This morning i woke up at about 530am to Paxtons back completely yet. Ok maybe our heater is up to high.. Well, i did our usual routine. I fed him in my bed, burped him, he threw up & he slept in my bed with me. (Marc leaves for work at 5am) Well out of nowhere i wake to hear his tummy making some AWFUL loud noises.. Poor thing must have gas right. Well... then he just starts dry heaving, OH NO! So i sit up, turn on the light, get the burp cloth ready for the show and BAM, he starts choking. I pat his back, and notice yellow BILE oozing out of his mouth & onto the burp cloth. My heart dropped. I was always sick when i was little & i know how horrible throwing up bile is, so i could only imagine what this almost 6 month old baby is feeling. It subsided. We laid back down. Then i woke to him doing it AGAIN. Alright thats it i thought. I called my mom, not realizing it was 530am her time & asked for advice then I called Marc at work & said he needs to come home (he had the car, mustang is broken) i called his drs office but they just got rid of their after hours clinic so then we decided to go to urgent care. We get there and its closed. What kind of urgent care is only open from 9am-9pm??! LAME. So it was about 730am now. His drs opens at 830. i guess we'll just go home and wait. As we were driving back, he did it again, turned bright purple & bile just came oozing out. Marc saw & flipped a u turn & went to the emergency room. Even with Paxton throwing up like this, he was as happy as can be. SO crazy. We get there. They admit him. And then we waited. The dr came in & was a little stand offish, he kept saying Paxton seems fine, hes playing, a little fever but hes very responsive. BUT i had that burp cloth as proof to show them. So he went to get Zophran, nausea medicine & as he walked out, Paxton started doing it again... Marc ran & got him & he came back in & saw for himself. He hurried & got the Zophran & gave him a dose. We waited a bit to see if it helped & it seemed too. Thank heavens. How his whole back got wet, still beats me. Maybe throw up??! It was a pretty rough day more for me then him. He was so happy but just couldnt keep anything down we gave him. So we started giving him pedialyte & that seemed to help. It lasted about 2 weeks. Two days later, Marc & i got it. Its awful trying to take care of a sick baby, husband & yourself. OY VEY.

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