Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd Time Is A Charm!

The second time we gave Paxton rice cereal, he ate like hes known how to eat from a spoon his whole life. It was So funny. Marc was at work so he didnt get to see it. i tried taking pictures as proof but i just couldnt do it.. So here are pics on day 3 of him eating. Lucky for us, Marc got done early so he could be there to watch! Especially since i kept bragging about how good he did on day 2. He was thrilled just as i was. Paxton did great again! We feed him at 11am with a spoon and for bedtime we give it to him in a bottle.
He would lean into the spoon with his mouth wide open!
Hardly made a mess compared to day 1
Again with the mouth opening
He loves the camera... even when hes eating
Cant believe hes already on rice cereal

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