Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stuart Family Ferron Trip

My family (heather) always goes to Ferron, Utah to go camping once a year in the summer. This was the first year where Marc and I were able to go together! As married folk and it was GREAT! If youve never been up to Ferron, your missing out. Its gorgeous. The mosquitos were bad this year and when we got home you could literally play connect the dots with us. We itched so bad! ugh. but Ferron is well worth them. Camping, sitting around the fire, snow fights, quad riding AND quad riding in the snow! its just so amazing! Just wanted to say thanks to my family and friends who were up there. 

Here's sis, sami and i in a snow fight!
Me and sis hunting down Sami.
Marc and I on Skyline
The girls and I. Abby, Sis, Me and Chels.
Marc and i on our rhino ride adventure!

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