Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2

Well today was such a nice day! My mom made us breakfast! We went to Marc's dads jewelry store. Got my rings cleaned and some jewelry accessories and of course did some window shopping ; ) haha! Then we went to visit Marc's family and went to his sisters! Talked about our upcoming San Clemente trip!!! ahhhh i cant wait. Then we came back home. Took a well needed nap and was woken to have yet ANOTHER homemade meal from my mom! Nothings better then moms cooking! Later, we went to my best friend Gabbys house. She came down from Santa Barbara to visit! Thank you and i love you! We had a fantastic spa night and caught up on life. We just got home from that and now we're off to bed for yet another fun filled day tomorrow!

Us, squeezed onto our couch, before we fell asleep
Us passed out. (Sami has skittles in her hand, fatty haha)
How our fingers were when we were asleep. So Cute!!
Gabby and her boyfriend Bryan!
Best friends of 9 years :)
My handsome hubby and i
The group for spa night


  1. Dude come visit!! I'll make a HOMEMADE DINNER!

  2. Heather wow I'm speachless and that's hard to do! I love to see two people truly in love! It's very inspiring... life is short and I'm so happy you have found true love! Thanks for stopping by my blog and inspiring my life today! Blessings, Andrea