Monday, July 20, 2009

Harrison Havasu Trip

So I know that im a little late on this blog. But i decided, better late then never! The Harrison's have a lake trip every year and since im the new addition, i went for my 1st time. Last year they went to Lake Mead but this year they decided on Havasu! It was SOOOO much fun! We stayed in a condo on the beachfront. (you have to cross London Bridge to get there) It was sweeeet! We were there for a week, from June 12th to the 19th and boy did that week go by way too fast. Im looking forward to this family tradition!!! Big thanks to Steph for the great meals and Terrie and Wayne for EVERYTHING! Brett, Bree, Llayton, Devin, Stacey and Chelle, WE MISSED YOU

Marc and I relaxing in the water while watching the cliff jumpers
Luke, Logan & Landon were PASSED out!

Alyssa, Me & Elyse posing before our tube ride
Heather, Marc, Elyse, Spencer & Alyssa on the London Bridge!! I love this picture
Tube jumping!!
Spencer trying to be sexy haha
Steph, Jason, Luke, Logan & Landon floating on the raft!

Elyse and Landon
Wayne and Terrie are SO cute
Marc and I hanging out at the Sand Bar
Elyse and I posing for a picture on the way back to our condo
Mama Terrie tearing it up!!

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