Friday, July 31, 2009

1st Day In California

So we're here in California for a week and a half and we're already having a blast. Who wouldnt be?! So. we left Tuesday around 730pm. We were in this HUGE lightening storm for almost 2 hours. I mean RIGHT smack in the middle of it. I have some cool videos, i just dont know how to work videos yet. Give me some time. So we stayed at brett and brees house and visited with them and played with little Llayton, or should i say big Llayton now! Hes getting so big and growing so fast! Then we headed out around 11 on wednesday and got to California around 230! We were both sooo tired for some reason. Driving really takes a lot out of the driver AND passenger haha. We were welcomed home by some Pacos! oh baby, so delicious. Marc has never had it before and im pretty sure he's hooked! Later, Marc got up on some zzzz's while i visited with my mom. Then we went to Sami's karate class and i was her visitor and i got to participate. It was so fun. I couldnt keep a serious face at all. I felt like an idiot doing it lol. Then we went to the JU play, Aladdin. I love JU and im so glad they put on plays like that! That was about it for our first day back home.

Marc and I at Aladdin. (Hes never been to a JU play)

Karate was a blast!

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