Monday, August 12, 2013

Spencer's Wedding

My brother in law is a married man! And I couldnt be more happy for the new sister we have in the family! All 3 boys have wives now! YAY! There was tons of pre-wedding festivities and we were always busy! Me not so much because I had to take care of Maddox and Pax. My sister in law Bree and I were the photographers because she didnt have one. Here are some of the pictures of Spencer and Chelsea the day before their wedding! We aren't pros, but they worked!

 Bree took this one: totally describes their sassiness with one another!

 The actual wedding day!
Marc and I arrived at the Redlands church/temple, dropped the kids of at the stake center and went into the temple. Scanned our recommends, I walked back.... and about a minute later, I was being flagged down. I was told my temple recommend was expired. NO!! NO its not. He scanned it again, he scanned Marcs... and then he looks at them. Calls another temple worker over... YADA YADA... i look at Marc, he gives me a "dont cry, this sucks" look... We were told we couldnt go into the sealing. I lost it. Its our brother's wedding i told them. It didnt work. We went and put our shoes back on (I'm still sobbing) and a sweet temple worker came in and talked to us. I told her the situation. She was immediately sympathetic for us, took us to the president, held my hand, hugged me numerous times... Long story short, nothing could be done. BOOOOO. So lame. Whats even more lame is that they expired in March! So, so bad. The birth of Maddox, the move, the recovery, everything, just side tracked us. Not once did we think our recommends were expired. LESSON LEARNED. I heard it was a good sealing. I love listening to the council the couples receive in the temple. I still think our sealer was the best! Anywho, they were married. We took pictures. It was a beautiful day!

 Group shot
My family with the bride and groom
 My family!
 The Harrison family! Only missing Elyse (on her mission)
 Spence and Chels on their wedding day: August 10th 2013
The getaway car!

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