Monday, July 29, 2013

Camping in Ferron 2013

Early Saturday morning, at about 4:30am, we woke up, loaded in the truck, met up with the Barlow's and headed to Utah. My brother drove mostly the whole way! His first time! Kids traveled great! And we got up the hill about 6pm Utah time. Camping in Ferron is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Its so relaxing and beautiful. This year, my mom and husband didnt go. They missed out :) I had both boys up there. Pax loves Ferron almost as much as me. He was glued to my dad and Brenden. Maddox was glued to Sissy a lot. Maybe its cause of her new boobs ;) haha. In our camp this year we had: The Barlows, The Laureskis, Dale and Kim Searle, The Searles, and us! Here's some pictures from the trip. And there's not much just because the other pictures are on my sisters camera in California. So ill update this post when i get them.
Pax watching the boys shoot guns
My brother and i
Our trailer
Maddox and i hanging out around the fire. He didnt like the flash haha
 Camo outfit!
 Pax and i goofing off in the trailer
 Woke up one morning to this face! haha
Sammi and Maddox
 Me and Maddox by Ferron lake watching the boys fish
 Sammi and i posing while Maddox sleeps
 Chelsey, Paula and I went on 3 mile walk. Maddox fell asleep 
She had to hold his head so it wouldnt bobble!
 Went on a hike

 The group
Sis carried Maddox for me
 My brother and baby bonding!
 Uncle showing Pax the clay pigeons
 Pax throwing rocks while the guys fish
 Maddox loved our Maverick ride
 My brother, Maddox and I
Maddox and i on our last night in Ferron. Pax refused to take any pictures with me :( PUNK!

Cant wait for next year!!!

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