Friday, August 16, 2013

California Adventures

After Ferron and before the wedding, I had some free time to hang out with friends in California. I hardly saw everyone i wanted too, darn it. But it was a nice visit while i waited for my husband to arrive for my brother-in-laws wedding. Here's what i was up to for the week and a half.
 Breakfast with my  friend Brian and my mom
 Playdate with my friend Julie and Walker
 Havasu trip with Chelsey, Allie, Randy, Malerie, Malakai, and Wade. (Allie has more pictures from that trip so I will post more when i get them!)

 I went to my first crossfit class. SO fun
 Snuggle time with Chels: We stayed at her house for a week and a half
 Grandpa Harrison reading to the boys!
And while i was in Cali, my niece turned FIVE!!

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