Monday, May 21, 2012

Tombstone Trip

This last weekend, we went down to Tombstone, Arizona to visit my grandpa. Its been about 7 years since i went down there and it was so nice to be back! We got there late Friday night and left Sunday evening. Saturday, we woke up early and played with the donkeys and mules and horses. He has a house on the outskirts of Tombstone, and it sits on about 5 acres. Its nice. But ya, Friday we hung out. Went into town and had some lunch. And then went to my grandpa's cowboy friend's house who trains all my grandpas mules and horses. We took my sisters horse down there to be saddled for the first time. It went great. Went there to train a horse and came home with a 14 month old Shar-Pei! I just had to take her. Her eyes were so swollen and nasty and the dirt was outrageous and flies were in her eyes. Totally broke my heart! So i called Marc and asked if we could keep her and he agreed. My mom and i made a deal that Chubbs would stay with my parents until we moved. So we got her papers and took her! We stopped and went to Wal-mart for stuff for Chubbs and then went to dinner at this mexican restaurant. Chubbs had to sleep in the horse trailer down the hill from the house and allllll night long my mom and i woke up to coyotes howling like crazy. We for sure thought they got Chubbs and i cried pretty bad about it. We couldn't get a flashlight so we had no way of knowing whether or not she was ok or not. I think i prayed like 279523 times. Pax got this Buzz Lightyear LED flashlight for his birthday from Gege Betty so one of the times we used that to look down the hill to try and see the eyes and well we couldn't really see. haha. Long story short, she was alive in the morning and i was SO relieved! Sunday, we hung out at the house. Went into downtown Tombstone, met more of my grandpas friends and then went back to his house, washed Chubbs and headed back to California. We did make a pitstop at my brother-in-laws house to see their new home and to visit. Chubbs made the ride home quite fun! I love Tombstone!
 Pax and his great-grandpa! First time they've met!!
 He threw Pax right up on Grubsteak!
 They bonded very quickly!
 And were pretty much joined at the hips all weekend
 Grandpa had Sammi carry out some beer. Thats how he pays his cowboy friends haha
 Looking good Sam. Not many 11 year olds can pull that off!

 Cowboys house

 Chubbs!! LOVE her
 Sammi on her horse JD

 Pax with DW's hat on and on a horse
 Chubbs girl!

 She bonded with grandpas mules pretty well!
 Hung out at grandpas friends bar and grill
 We had a good time! haha
 Pax and i in downtown Tombstone
Chubbs and Sam on the car ride home to California

The better pictures are on my iMac back in Utah. Oops.

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