Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Instagram: Photo A Day April

The Challenge!
 Day 1: Reflection. Reflecting back on the first picture AND snuggle time Marc & i had! 4 years ago
 Day 2: Colour. My brothers hair! So glad he came to see us
Day 3: Mail. All ads today.
Day 4: Someone that makes you happy. Marc, Sammi and Pax. AND 3 hour bike rides! But i guess thats a something and not a someone!
 Day 5: Tiny. My take on Chicken Pot Pies! 
 Day 6: Lunch. Good ole J-Dawgs. A day late I know!
 Day 7: Shadow. Pax and I are in the shadow of our house! We just got home after a fun day shopping with my parents!
 Day 8: Inside your wallet. I've had this wallet for 2 years now. Thank you Urban Outfitters! 
 Day 9: Younger you. 
Day 10: Cold. It's crazy how it goes from sunny 75 degrees to low 50's with rain!! 
 Day 11: Where you ate breakfast. In the car after grocery shopping at Winco. Chocolate covered cinnamon roll donut!! 
Day 12: Stairs. Cleaning out the pantry with my step stool in tow.
Day 13: Something I found.... The man of my dreams, my prince charming, my baby's daddy, my soulmate, my dude! Love him 
 Day 14: How you feel today. I'm super happy, obvs. Maybe even cheesy happy! 
 Day 15: Sunset. Ok, so I missed it cause I had a church meeting but the sky looks pretty! 
 Day 16: Flower. Working on my spring wreath for the door!
Day 17: Something you don't like. Paxton ignoring me!! Little butthead!
 Day 18: Hair. Totally missing Paxton's shaggy hair! Not to mention, he grows hair faster then anyone I've ever seen!
 Day 19: Orange. The skin of my grapefruit breakfast!
 Day 20: Something you drew.... An elephant on Paxton's Aquadoodle!
 Day 21: Bottle. Not much of a bottle but I this is more entertaining.
 Day 22: The last thing you bought. 3 shirts, a skirt & seashell pink skinny jeans
 Day 23: Vegetables. Garlic chicken pasta with carrots and broccoli. Mmmm. Mmm. 
 Day 24: Something your grateful for. Definitely SO grateful for a dishwasher! Nothing worse then pruney fingers.
 Day 25: Looking down. About to eat some breakfast. Cinnamon swirl banana bread and an Oreo yogurt.
 Day 26: Black and white. My Petunia. Sweet, amazing, little Petunia! (with filter of course) 
 Day 27: Somewhere you went. H&M. 
 Day 28: 1pm. This is what my 1pm looks like. Driving to Fashion Place.
 Day 29: Circle. It means forever. 
Day 30: Something that makes you sad. Nasty ugly wearer when I want clear skies and sun!! 

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