Monday, May 14, 2012

Paxton & Cort's California Birthday Bash

We decided this year to have a birthday party for Paxton down in California since all of our family is down here. And since my best friend and Paxton share the same birthday (exactly 20 years apart), i figured, lets combine them! We had their party on Saturday, May 11th. Yes, 13 days before their actual birthday but that was the only weekend we could come down to Cali. So i made all the decorations, with help from my cousin Nikki. I laminated all the decorations, made them matching shirts and made all the food! It was a blast. Thanks for everyone who came! It was great to see all of you and since I'm horrible with "thank you" cards.... THANK YOU!!!
 The cake

 Getting ready to sing!

 He was intrigued by the fire

 Me with Paxton's cake

 Haha: Love his face here!

 Birthday boy!

 LOVE him!

 Our little family with the birthday boy!

 LC, Sophia, Me and Pax!

 The Sistrunk's. SO happy to have them as friends!

 The Walker's/Sistrunks! LOVE them!

 Walker and Pax

 When one would look, the other would look away!!

 Cort, Nay-Nay, Pax and me

 The birthday kids!

 Cort and Pax's matching shirts!

 Michelle and her two kids and Pax and i

 Michelle and me

 Some of the Harrison's and my family!

 The Pedersens and my family

 Mom and my little family

 Chels and Pax

 Mack, Sha, Pax and me.. Mack wasn't ready!

 Me and my Shabear

 The girlies: Chels, Shandra, Me, Michelle, and Cort

Me with Tristin and Jenna. Ive known these two since their birth!

 Bestie Julie and her son Walker and Pax and i

After the party left. i was exhausted!

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