Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Halloween was a lot of fun! Pax was able to go trick-or-treating for the 1st time and we actually went "all out" for it. My mom bought Pax a lion costume and i knew right away that the theme would be Wizard of Oz. We made Marc's scarecrow outfit and my Dorothy costume is a little girls costume we FINALLY found at a store. Of course, trying to get costumes the day before our Halloween parties wasn't very smart! We also made my ruby red slippers! I left a trail of glitter everywhere i went! 

First stop, our ward Halloween party at our Bishop's mansion! 
Second stop was at our friends clubhouse. Thanks Meekers!
Walker, Julie, Me and Pax
Us again with the hostess of the party, Vanessa
The men. Brandon and Walker and Marc and Pax
Scarecrow and the lion
Lion and Dorothy
Love my family!
See my shoes!
Earlier that day, we went to a corn maze. We had a coupon but unfortunately it was a bad coupon. So because it cost an arm and a leg, seriously, we took pictures out front and left! Next time we are definitely going back to Cornbelly's.
Nikki and Ivan joined us!

Finally, on actual Halloween. We went over to the Shield's house so that Pax could trick or treat with his cousins, Tay and Tanya
We taught Tay how to pick up Pax and how to put him down!
Off we go!

Paxton collecting his candy!

Big ole' Frankenstein!
He carried his bag like this all night!

Then it was Daddy's turn!

Love my family!!

This picture is from our ward blog!
And this is a pumpkin i did at our RS activity! Again, from the ward blog!

PS: At our ward halloween party, I won best Chili and our family won, Best Costumes of the Night!! GO US!!

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