Monday, October 17, 2011

My Best Friends Bridal Shower

On October 15th, we celebrated my besties engagement with a bridal shower!! It was so much fun and I'm so glad we had such a good turn out. She got some amazing gifts and it was nice to spoil her!! We love you Cort! 

 Lemon poppy seed cake from Michelle's
 Fruit tray
 Table decorations

 The bride-to-be!!

 While Cort opened presents, i made sure to write down everyone's responses and compiled them on a list and read them out loud afterwards explaining to Cort that this is what she would say on her wedding night!! Either I'm extremely perverted (which i am) or the people there were!! Either way, it made for some good entertainment!

 I made these veggie cups!
 Chels made the chicken salad
 Gabby made this pasta
 Auntie Snorkle and Pax
Three Peas In A Pod

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