Monday, November 14, 2011

Spencer's Homecoming

Marc's brother Spencer returned from his mission to Nicaragua on November 9th! We all piled into a hummer limo (5 kids in carseats), drove to LAX and met Spencer with signs, hugs & tears! Terrie and Wayne went to Nicaragua the week before to pick Spenc up and bring him home so they were at the airport too. It was a great reunion! That following Sunday, Spencer spoke in sacrament and gave an amazing talk. Im SO glad he is home. Rumor has it that he will live at our house in January for the semester while he goes to BYU! Im so excited! He's my favorite! Shhhhhh!

 My little family!
 Big limo
 Most of the gang!
 Cousins: Pax, Luke, Logan, Landon, Caiden (binky), Llayton and Layah
 This is before Spencer, Terrie and Wayne joined us in the limo!
 My family holding one of the signs
 Brother hug!
 My boys
 Me and Pax with our Superman capes on
 It was Spencer's first time meeting Paxton!
LOVE him

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