Monday, October 17, 2011

Oak Glenn's Pumpkin Patch

While i was in California for Cortney's bridal shower, I made plans to hang out with my bestie Jen Parton AKA Gangsta. We decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. We got there just in time to have like an hue of fun before they closed! Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Pizza Chalet on Yucaipa Blvd. It was so nice catching up with my Gangsta and her dad. I call him Papa. Here are some pictures from the night!

Sammi & Pax sitting in the wheel barrel
Pax thinking he's a daredevil!
Me and my little man!
Love his cheese face!
Jen and Jaelyn riding the quad
You were supposed to pay for this little ride but Jen worked her magic and we got on for free!
My Gangsta and i
Us and our kiddos!
Pax wasn't so sure about the ride.... or maybe my driving..
We just had to put their heads in the fun board
Pax riding his woman
My mom met us there too!
Me and Jae bug!
Jen with Pax and Jae
Kiddos in the wheel barrel
LOVE her!
Mark aka Papa with the kiddos
Grandma and Pax
Fun slides!
Jae went in for the kiss and this was how Pax reacted to it hahaha!
And then he closed his mouth and she opened hers! It was there 1st kiss!

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