Monday, January 10, 2011

Paxton is 7 Months Old

We had his 7 month checkup today. Here are his stats:
He is 28 1/2 in tall- 90%
He weighs 17 lbs 7 oz- 25%
His OFC is 42.5 cm- 10%
At this appointment, his doctor prescribed him flouride drops since Utah County has no flouride in the water system. He was also given his shots & his booster shot for the flu. He handled them like a CHAMP!
He pulls himself up on things!
He is officially a crawler, and army crawls more.
He still sleeps through the night
Responds to his name even more
He LOVES people & attention
He is in size 3-6 months clothing, pants & pjs 6-9 months
He loves his toys more & Is now trying to figure out what they do
He sits up all on his own & can get in & out of a sitting position

Here is Paxton & Chelsey on Christmas Eve. Its the only one i have of him on is 7 month birthday! Isnt he so cute!!

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