Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years 2011

A family tradition in my family is spending it New Years at Dumont Dunes. So thats what we did this year. It was just our family there. And it was fun, FREEZING but fun. Pax was had a runny nose so we didnt want to take him on a ride. Not to mention, the dunes were trashed cause of all the riders as well. We sat by the campfire, made homemade ice cream, ate delicious meals, watched movies, froze our butts off, & welcomed in the new year with some hot cocoa!! Hope everyone had a great New Years!
My fam
Our lonely trailer
Pax and i
Marc & i going for a rhino ride

Ps.... after the dune trip, Sammi, my baby sister, came with us home to Utah!!

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