Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So the other night in Colorado, Marc and i were getting ready to go to bed. I forgot to pack his pj pants... i know, horrible wife right. Well he got stuck with my victoria secret PINK, hot pink pj pants! He actually wore them :) haha. If your a friend on my facebook, you wouldve seen the comment i left Marc. Its just one of the many hilarious moments we have together!!

soooo you've been rambling on about complete nonsense allll night!! haha. you are cracking me up. boy are you on one tonight or what!!

first your wearing my victoria secret pj pants which are PINK to bed.

then you say "goodnight ___" us
ing all kinds of random words. while I ignore and wonder what the heck your

the winner goes to this one:

u: goodnight ketchup
me: goodnight mustard.
u: huh?
me: if I'm your ketchup, your my mustard.
u: why? what's wrong with being my french fries?

HAHAHAHAHAHA ohhhh how I love you marc allan harrison!!

ps. A couple nights ago, my friend Brandon wore my pink pj pants too.
Real men wear pink!! haha

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