Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Colorado Trip

My BEAUTIFUL niece Miley!
Well, Miley finally turned ONE years old on August 15. and Marc and i went down there for it! It was so good to see everyone back home in Colorado. We spent one day in Aurora with my grandma. Went shopping, took Marc to BJ's to experience his first pazookie!! ohhhh how i wish they had a BJ's here in Utah. Then later that night we went down to Pueblo to visit my sister and her family. We woke up early to set up and run errands. The best part of this whole trip was that my sister wasnt expecting my mom and dad to come because they couldnt. Well they got a last minute plane ticket and flew in late friday night and surprised Amanda at birthday! It was amazing! The bday party was a blast. We spent the rest of the night at a family bbq, where Marc played horseshoes for the first time and i got to spend time with Amanda and Miley. We stayed the night there and headed back to Aurora on Sunday. It was so hard to leave Colorado and all my loved ones but we had too. Overall, it was a great weekend!!
Mileys birthday cakes.
The girls.
Miley and her magician

Miley and i with a real bunny he pulled out of his hat!

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  1. Heather your blog is so cute!!! You and Marc are sooooooo cute too!!!!