Thursday, October 17, 2013

Random Instagram Posts

 Selfie with Maddox
 Brought out the game Twister! Kids loved it!
 1st blowout

 Cortney came to visit us!
 Craft day!
 Pax after church one sunday
 "Walked in to find Pax in Maddox's bed, chatting up a storm with him while holding his hands.... He talked about Maddox's ouchies (shots), Jesus, Heavenly Father and nursery, how he got a sucker and when Maddox gets bigger he can have one and then pulled one of the band aids off. My favorite would be him telling Maddox that they have weiners and girls have pee-pees!!  I love watching and listening to Pax with his baby brother. And I love that when Maddox sees Pax, his whole face lights up! Cute, funny moments! So glad to be these kiddos momma!"

 Picnic inside
 Vacay down in San Tan: Waterpark fun!
The other Harrisons!
National Talk Like A Pirate Day. At Krispy Kreme, if you dressed up then you got a free dozen donuts. So all 3 of us dressed up and headed out to it. We got 3 dozen donuts! haha. And i only ate 3 of them! Talk about self control! We tried taking a picture of Pax, but he refused. Darn it!
 A friend from my ward invited to me to go to Kneaders with her for lunch! It was AMAZING! I miss living around the corner from it in Utah.
 My husband took this beautiful picture on one of his flights
 He's getting so good at sitting up on his own!
 Maddox is starting to get on his knees! And of course, Pax is loving every minute of it!
 My boys and i after church one sunday!
 Took the kiddos to Babies R Us and they got to ride in Mickey's car since they were good
Cute brothers
 Maddox and I sporting our Bronco gear! I LOVE football season.
These boys personalities are awesome!
 Yes that's throw up. Yes, it's gross. But with all the happy pictures I post all the time, I figured I'd post this picture.... A picture that shows the "behind the scenes" of the life of a mom. It's days like this, with sick babes, that I appreciate the happy, non sick days. It's days like today, when I wear throw up all dang long with no shower, that make me realize how selfless you are when your a mother. Being a mother has completely changed my life! This was my day. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. (Ok maybe I'd trade it for no throw up )
 Marc's work had a "Moon Festival" because its such a big deal in China. It was fun! Pax loved playing with the airplanes!
Relaxing day!
Marc's students threw him a bbq party for getting his hours and applying to airlines!

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