Thursday, October 17, 2013

1500 Flight Hours

The time has FINALLY come! Marc hit 1500 hours and with that, he starts interviewing for Regional Airlines!! He applied for 2 companies, SkyWest and ExpessJet. 
Within a couple days, they both responded and ExpressJet set up an interview date with him for October 9th. And Marc is in a Cadet program with SkyWest and will go to Salt Lake October 28th. So on October 8th, Marc flew out to Atlanta, Georgia (they paid for it) and did his interview! He was "informally" offered the job! YAY! 
About 4 days after he got home, they called and "formally" offered him a job. BUT because he really wants SkyWest, he turned it down for now. He has from his interview date till 6 months to call them back for the job. So that is comforting to know that we have backup! 

Here is where we stand.
If Marc gets a job with Skywest, we will move to California and live in Marc's parents house (they are serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) SO they wont be home and they cleared it out before they left for their mission. He will hub out of Palm Springs airport to most likely San Francisco. So he would spend less time commuting and more with us.

If Marc doesn't get SkyWest and goes to ExpressJet, we will move to Colorado, live with my grandma and he will commute out of Denver to hub most likely out of Chicago. He will spend way more time commuting and being away from us. 

Both of these situations involve being close to family and even living with one of them. Just so I can have the support while he is gone all the time. And if we decide to get pregnant again, it'd be nice to have help with the boys since I will most definitely have another hellish pregnancy with preeclampsia. 

One of the scariest things no matter which airline we choose is the HUGE pay cut we will be getting. Pilots that sign on their first year with a Regional Airline only make about 20,000 a year! (RIDICULOUS right?!) So, that is stressful. Oy vey. This would be about 1 1/2 to 2 years. With a minor pay raise the 2nd year but a higher pay raise the 3rd year. Hopefully he will be with a Major Airline by then. Maybe. 

And eventually, we would like to come back to Arizona. We really like it here. We NEVER thought we would ever move back to California. Colorado has always been an option for us, but never California. But the more we talk about it and pray about it, the more we are leaning on California with SkyWest. He just needs to get the job!!! (No pressure hun!) 

We will keep you posted!

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