Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Harrison #2 Is On The Way!

Happy twelve weeks to me!!! 
Done with the first trimester! This pregnancy has been SO much easier then Paxton's pregnancy! I was nauseous with him 24/7 and could hardly talk because i felt like i was on the verge of throwing up. YUCK. And i threw up quite a bit. BUT this pregnancy, its been a walk in the park for the most part. Hardly nauseous and ive only thrown up twice! The bummer to this pregnancy is that my eyes have changed again... bad. I cant even wear my contacts because i cant see out of them. So since my glasses are higher prescription, they seem to be working! wonderful four eyes! BARF! So gotta get those bad boys checked out. But ya... we are pregnant. Pax is SO excited to have his "baby sister"... hopefully he doesnt jinx it! He WILL NOT say "baby brother" ... dont know why! We are wanting a girl but of course will be happy with either.

My due date is March 31. Since i had a high risk pregnancy last time, my doctor is keeping an eye on me. She will for sure do a c-section induction 2 weeks before my due date OR at least 4 weeks before my due date again if i get preeclampsia again. Fingers crossed i wont. But time will tell and we'll know for sure as the time gets closer when Baby Harrison #2 will make his or her debut! My next appointment is Sept 20... my birthday and then we will schedule the anatomy ultrasound for October! Cant wait!

We found out Thursday, July 26th that we were pregnant. We were on our Harrison San Clemente trip and we were in charge of getting ice at the store that morning. So we went and i bought a pregnancy test... We hurried back and i peed in a Red Solo Cup and dipped it in the cup... We were sleeping in a tent!! And our family members had their RV's there but i didnt want ANYONE to see... I hurried and took it... Threw my cup away and went back into the tent... I laid it down so i couldnt see the result window and i waited for Marc to get back from giving all the family their ice... Well after waiting FOR-EVER.... i looked... Low and behold, i was pregnant!!!! I balled immediately and in walks Marc! I showed him and he too was excited! No tears, of course but AHHHH!! Ill never forget that feeling! We werent necessarily trying but we werent avoiding it either. i took a few tests prior to this because i felt pregnant and i had a missed period, but they were all negative. I got the IUD out at the end of March.. We werent trying in April but kinda tried in May, took a test in June... wasnt pregnant and after taking the test in June, we looked to see when i would be ovulating and tada. It worked because i was pregnant the next month! This is a little TMI, but its my little journal and i want to remember this :) It was so hard to hide our excitement from our family but we did! It also explained why ive been craving those ranch packets that you mix into sour cream... I went through about 5 or 6 that week at the beach! haha. The rest of that day, we laid on the beach ALLLL day! It was perfect and i was so happy!!

Me and my pudge at 9 weeks. We were in Vegas at our friends time share! We went to Lake Mead for the weekend. We told our friends Jaron and Melissa Duke and i told my 2nd family, The Searles!
Our 2nd ultrasound was done at 10 weeks! Here is the little nut! Our first ultrasound was done at about 8 weeks but we couldnt see the baby clearly and my dr was pressed for time with another patient....  i asked my dr "theres only one right?" and she said "i can't for certainty tell you yes or no.... we will check in two weeks." So for those 2 weeks, i was wondering if there were 2 babies or not! Haha.. But low and behold, there is only 1!! 
This is how we told our siblings and other family members!! We told them 2 days before i hit the 12 week mark

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