Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paxton is ONE!

      May 20, 2011
Weight- 21 lbs 6 oz- 80%
Height- 30 3/4 inches- 50%
Head- 45.3 cm- 25%
He isn't up to date on his shots because he is 4 days shy of being 12 months exactly. So we will play catch up on his 15 month appointment. I got a prescription to get a lead poisoning test done for Paxton so we will do that this weekend. Other then that, the visit went great. My grandma was able to come with us! He has 2 bottom teeth and no signs of any others ANY time soon. We are transitioning him to a sippy cup so he only gets his bottle at night before bed. And he is also transitioning to Almond Milk! He seems to love it so far! I am still giving him the fluoride drops. His feet are a 5-5 1/2... yes, Bigfoot. His waste is still tiny so he wears 6-12 jeans. A lot of them are high waters on him. But oh well. And his shirts are 6-9 months and a few 12 month shirts. He is still a bit scared to walk on his own but he will definitely do it while holding your hand. He says ball, baooon, momom, and a whole bunch of chinese words haha. He is so fun and is getting so big!

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