Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hobby Lobby Enters Orem Utah!!!

I about died when my husband came home and told me there was a Hobby Lobby on University Ave. I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!! Living in Colorado, i had one super close to my house but then i moved to Utah and never knew they had one! I guess its in Sandy? Anywho, I was having an anxiety attack alllll the way there. Its like a 5 minute drive but it felt like FOREVER haha. We get there and what more can i say, i LOVED it! The more i thought about it, i wondered how LONG its been open & asked Marc why he never told me. I thought it was because he knew how much i loved them and was afraid to lose his wife to it. Well, he told the greeter at the door how i questioned him and she made sure to tell me that "technically" their grand opening isnt till Monday. So i should let Marc out of the doghouse! I was dying of laughter. Marc was never even in the doghouse. Silly guy! Whelp, yup that was my excitement for the day... i mean year!

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