Sunday, October 24, 2010

FIVE Months Old & Counting....

Ok so when Paxton hit 5 months, i forgot to take a picture of JUST him. Ooops. So this picture is at 5 months & 3 days.
He weighs 15 lbs 1 oz..... 25%
He is 26 1/2 inches tall..... 75% And compared to every other 5 month old he is SO tall.
He still has a small head: OFC is 40.8 which is still 10%
He is a tad bit away from being in size 3 shoes
He loves to stand
He loves his reflection in the mirror
He still spits up quit a bit
He is officially formula fed ( i completely dried up Oct 10th)
He is on rice cereal once a day
He loves grabbing for toys even more, my face and of course HAIR!
He is a supported sitter
He continues to roll over
His sleep schedule is bed at 10:30pm then a feeding at 8am then he'll sleep till 11:30am
He loves to kick his legs
He loves his jumper for like 30 minutes then hes done!
He looks at people when they talk
He naps 2 times a day. One for like 30-45 minutes then another for 2 hours.
He LOVES to talk... and talk.... and talk!
He smiles like crazy
He rarely cries. Only when hes fighting his sleep. seriously, its awesome.
We've still only had 2 blowouts since birth! Thank you Pampers

Here he is at 5 months old with his cousin Taylor

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